What in the world is my problem?  I’ve enjoyed many hours in my craft room over the last several weeks, and for the most part my room was (emphasis on was) clean.

I somewhat subscribe to the clutterbug theory . Cassandra Arrssen has a no-nonsense approach to why it is we clean (or not) in our lives. Even though the theory of “what bug are you” has me squarely in the ladybug category, There is something missing.  Let me explain, in the above photos there is one thing that is blatantly obvious, of course it is all the crap.  In some of the pictures the surfaces seem to be somewhat clean.  In others It just looks like I got my hands on a big ass spoon and just stirred up the piles.  I ask you WHY?!

In my case, a ladybug and a bee got together and had a baby… I’m a bit of both.

Well the simple answer many would have is that the person suffering from the chronic disorganization condition is lazy.  I am here to free you!  Good news, you aren’t lazy.  You just do things differently.

In a majority of my home I am far from visual.  My husband who is a die hard bee.  He likes to have things just “so”.  Which is why the only spare bedroom in this house is piled up and closed off.  Its what I like to all the “someday” room.  Shut the door, don’t let the devil go in….. Maybe not that extreme, however that damn door stays closed and I am just as guilty as him about getting tired and just literally shoving stuff in.  Here’s the thing all the stuff in that room is actually neatly staked.  You can even walk around the room with the clearly marked path.

I bet you’re thinking “yeah right, Loretta”.  I am here to encourage you and help you get out of being overwhelmed.  First things first. If the space that is the worst in your house is smelly or unsanitary you start there.  Get some industrial strength bags and throw it ALL away.  Grab some bleach, antiseptic, masks and gloves.  GO fourth and conquer. Even if you’re home is covered in dog poop, call some friends they won’t judge you and they will help in your journey of getting your act together.  The spaces you live in are a direct reflection on the current state of your heart and mind. When you think of cleaning up with that mentality, you will be more successful with your ability to not just change, but to stay clean with a new and brighter attitude.

For everything else, make and keep a journal.  I find when I write things down it encourages me to do them.  Its like the little gold star on the teachers chart when you were in elementary school.  Same principal.  Heck, go buy some gold stars.

Today’s goal is to clear off both my desk and the main counter behind me.  I have some boxes for general categories such as Dies and stamps that just need to be put back in their home.  If you’re items don’t have a home, start sorting and make one for them.  Its a great time to put a box together for a teacher or charity.  It’s also a great time to sell stuff.  You’ll be amazed at how much will change in a short amount of time.  I’m not going to allow myself to shove things into a bin or drawer. It is getting put away in its home, or getting a new home and then being put away.

I hope you all stay tuned for this adventure in self discovery, change and above all hope.  (Jeremiah 29:11-14).  Until next time, stamp happy and be a blessing.

With much love!