Craft Room Organization Episode TWO

As promised here is the second installment of my craft room series.  I’ll be sharing with you what I’m doing, using and even purging out of my craft room.  Today’s episode features the main pantry unit. As you come into the door of my space, all the way down to the right.  I simply purged out materials I was no longer using and most of the organization was to remove the stacking organizer that is full of jars and not being used.

It is my best guess that I have had those jars (finger nail polish jars without brushes) for at least 15 years. Only once have they been used.

Here’s the thing, don’t get sucked into the “I paid a lot for this, I must keep it” scenario.  I often find myself saying “Get over yourself!”  If it doesn’t spark joy, it doesn’t have an immediate purpose or is going to be used within 3-6 months. Please, donate it.  Sell it or trash it.

I have successfully tackled the right side of the room (When entering from the door).  I will be adding to this side of the room when my mega order of paper arrives later today.  I will post the 3rd video showcasing this area tomorrow.

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Thank you for joining me for this exciting journey.  Until next time, stamp happy and be a blessing!