New Camera Mount

This is going to be a fairly short post.  It is really hard for me to get around these days. I ‘m apparently accident prone.  I should take the advice of my sister (whom passed nearly 10 years ago) and just walk around life wrapped in bubble wrap.

I was walking through the yard, do-dah and my foot slipped into a small hole, a loud snap and squeal proceeded out of my mouth rapidly.  I have broken my foot (technically my leg near the ankle) I’ll be in this damned boot for 4-6 weeks. Its heavy.

So back to todays post, I (with the help of my fearless and oh so wonderful husband) bought a scissor jack microphone stand to accommodate my camera.

Amazon link for my camera is HERE.

Amazon link for the boom arm is HERE. To make the boom work for my needs my hsuband used a small block of wood (he painted pink) and an eye bolt so the camera could be basically be held in place by Velcro.  To make sure it stays in place I normally use a rubber band on one end and a piece of self stick Velcro on the other. The clamp comes with this arm is actually not wide enough to attach under the desk surface (which is a kitchen counter top) so, I improvised and “borrowed” one of his larger “C” clamps.  Since the clamp was fairly long, I was able to angle the clamp to catch the inside bottom of my desk and the bottom part of the c-Clamp. The fix works like a charm.

My first attempt was to use an unmounted wood stamp, problem is that it is particle board. So any pressure of a clamp to the back just crumbled it.  This solves many problems and offers me the stability for the rig that I need.

Enjoy the video, let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to click my social media links at the top left of this page and to find my ETSY Store (now stocked with even more goodies) click the Etsy link under the main header of the website. As always you may leave me a comment down below or send me an email if you have questions!  Until next time… Stamp Happy and be a blessing!